2021-22 NGAMS Board of Directors


Col Billy Murphy- President
COL Brandon Haynie- VP-Army (President Elect)
Maj Donna Phillips- VP-Air
CPT Martini Ford- Secretary
MAJ Amanda Woods- Treasurer
COL(R) Rodney Harris- Past President
COL Jody Mike Smith- Past President


COL(R) David Barton- ARNG At Ease Gang
Brig Gen (R) David Kirtley- ANG At Ease Gang
Maj Jessica Green- CRTC-JFH
2Lt AJ McClinton- 186TH ARW
Capt Nancy Porter- 172d AW
LTC Thomas Howell – ARNG District One
CPT Matthew Sullivan – ARNG District One
CPT Jeremiah Malmberg – ARNG District Two
1LT Jeff Stuart – ARNG District Two
LTC Len Fortenberry- ARNG District Two
1LT Doug Estes – ARNG District Three
CPT Ian Scroubelos – ARNG District Three
LTC Andrew Ratcliffe – ARNG District Four
COL Hugh McCallum- ARNG District Four
1LT Brian Hartfield- Company Grade
CW5 Jimmy Lee- Warrant Officers

Non-Voting Members

MG Durr Boyles- Adjutant General (Ex-Officio)
COL Allen McDaniel- Executive Director
CPT David Morris- Chaplain

The Army Representatives for the Board of Directors are made up of directors from units in each of the congressional districts.  Listed below are the units by district.  They rotate each year.

District 1

2/198th CAB
155th BCT
1/185th ASSLT
Tng Site, CP McCain
223rd En Bn
1-98th CAV RGT
Det 1, Co B, 834th ASB
2/185 AOB

District 2

168th En Bde
210th Fin Bn
185th ECAB
66th Trp Cmd
2/20th SF Gp
112th MP Bn

District 3

1/155th CAB
106th BSB
298th CBT Sus Stp Bn
2/114th FA Regt
1/204th ADA
150th BEB

District 4

Tng Site, Cp Shelby
154th Reg (RTI)
890th En Bn
1108th TASMG
184th ESC