The Committee on Resolutions met on April 5, 2018, and thoroughly reviewed and studied each resolution submitted to the Association.  They then sought additional data on several resolutions and conducted further clarification from several authors.  After careful consideration, the Committee recommends to the membership that the following resolutions be adopted as a group, as written.

  1. Relating to modernization of the LH-72 Lakota aircraft.
  2. Relating to the modernization of the UH-60 and HH-60 aircraft.
  3. Relating to the BCT Task Force (CVTF).
  4. Relating to early retirement pay and TRICARE concurrent receipt.
  5. Relating to maintenance of aircrew breathing systems in the aircraft.
  6. Relating to javelin block 1 command launch unit for ABCT’s within the ARNG.
  7. Relating to network security/cyber.
  8. Relating to Army Aviation.
  9. Relating to cross domain solutions (CDS) for data security.
  10. Relating to network security.
  11. Relating to KC-135 link 16 upgrade to real time information into the cockpit (RTIC).
  12. Relating to C-17 link 16 upgrade to real time information into the cockpit (RTIC).
  13. Relating to modernization of RC-26 aircraft.
  14. Relating to modernizing classroom technology.

The full resolutions are printed in their entirety and available for review in the National Guard Association of Mississippi office or here 2018 Resolutions by any member of the Association that wishes to do so.

We recommend the National Guard Association of Mississippi, in annual conference assembled in Biloxi, Mississippi on this, the 4th day of May 2018, fully support and co-sponsor the NGAUS draft resolutions as written and encourage NGAUS to pursue these resolutions to the National Guard Bureau, the Department of Defense and the Congress of the United States.

Lieutenant Colonel James Barry
Chairman, Committee on Resolutions