The Committee on Resolutions met on May 19, 2020, and thoroughly reviewed and studied each resolution submitted to the Association.  They then sought additional data on several resolutions and conducted further clarification from several authors.  After careful consideration, the Committee recommends to the membership that the following resolutions be adopted as a group, as written.

  1. Recapitalize some C-130 units with C-17s as a co-sponsor.
  2. High resolution cockpit display as a co-sponsor.
  3. Additional simulators to be based at C-17 ANG Mobility Air Forces (MAF) wings as a co-sponsor.
  4. Procurement and funding for common data link and secure communications capability as a co-sponsor.
  5. Continue C17 production to meet active duty, Guard, and Reserve requirements as well as international airlift as a co-sponsor.
  6. On Board Inert Gas Generation System II(OBIGGS II) modification for ANG C-17 Fleet as a co-sponsor.
  7. Facilitate the transfer of C-17 aircraft with the Extended Range Fuel Tanks to the Air National Guard units at a rate concurrent and balanced with active duty as a co-sponsor.
  8. Support incremental readiness, modernization and standardization of a containerized ice making system by authorizing and appropriating additional funding to procure/field the dual use Containerized Ice Making System capability to the National Guard as a co-sponsor.
  9. Procure OBSAT technologies and integrate into the Stinger Field Handling Trainer, the Training Set Guided Missle M134 and the Stinger Tracking Head Trainer for Stinger Missle MANPADS training as a co-sponsor.
  10. The Army/Air National Guard should acquire and field individual marksmanship training devices which support dry-fire, live-fire and augmented reality training in the armory as a sponsor.
  11. Fully fund the replacement and modernization of the Army 22.5 Ton Heavy Dump Truck fleet.

The full resolutions are printed in their entirety and available for review in the National Guard Association of Mississippi Office or online at 2020 Resolutions.  We recommend the NGAMS fully support and co-sponsor the NGAUS draft resolutions as written and encourage NGAUS to pursue these resolutions to the National Guard Bureau, the Department of Defense and the Congress of the United States.

Lieutenant Colonel Jim Berry
Chairman, Committee on Resolutions