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The Resolutions Committee met April 4, 2017 and recommends to the membership that the following resolutions be adopted as a group, as written, at the 2017 NGAMS Conference.

  1. Relating to C-130 maintenance of aircrew breathing systems in the aircraft.
  1. Relating to network security, cross domain solutions, next gen firewalls, web security and thin client technology.
  1. Relating to modernization of counterdrug RC-26B aircraft.
  1. Relating to enhancing the army and air national guard by providing support for all domestic operations missions communications.
  1. Relating to HRF/CERFP equipment modernization.
  1. Relating to combat readiness training center enterprise.
  1. Relating to ALR-69A Digital Radar Warning Receiver (DRWR) for A-10, F-15, F-16, C-130, C-17, KC-135.

Full text of the above referenced resolutions are attached here: 2017 Draft Resolutions.