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Please be aware that we have now used our initial allotment of 100 rooms at the Downtown Marriott Louisville.  We have spoken to the executive director of NGAUS Derby City.  He stated that on July 1, 2017 he is going to request that states who have not utilized their allotment to go ahead and turn in any extra rooms in the hotel.  Later that week we should have an answer regarding how many additional rooms are available.  We expect that some additional rooms will come open in our hotel.  However we can not guarantee that until after the July 1 recount.  Once we have the confirmation we will contact you individually to confirm that a room is now open or if there are no more rooms in our allotted hotel.  Even if there are not rooms available in our hotel we will be able to make accommodations at other area hotels.  In short, we will work it out.  Thank you again for your attendance at the NGAUS Conference and we look forward to hosting you.  Should you have any questions please contact Greg Taylor at 601-354-7555 or