How you save by being an Active Life Member

For a limited time we are offering a special $750 life membership that covers both the National Guard Association of the United States and the National Guard Association of Mississippi…for the rest of your active and retired life! Here is how much money you can save.

Membership rates for NGAMS and NGAUS have not changed since the early 1990s.  However last year NGAUS voted to increase rates.  As a result here are the combined NGAMS and NGAUS rates for the various ranks:

WO1- $45 per year
CW2- $50 per year
CW3- $55 per year
CW4- $100 per year
CW5- $105 per year
2LT- $45 per year
1LT- $50 per year
CPT- $55 per year
MAJ- $100 per year
LTC- $105 per year
COL- $110 per year

Then, to keep the group life insurance and to participate in the association, there is a one time retired life membership fee of $150.

For the sake of this example let’s make a very conservative 26 year estimate that an individual will serve as a 2LT for 3 years, 1LT for 3 years, CPT for 5 years, MAJ for 5 years, LTC for 5 years and COL for 5 years. For a warrant officer career let’s make a conservative 16 year estimate that the service time for a warrant officer is WO1 for 2 years, CW2 for 4 years, CW3 for 5 years and CW4 for 5 years. However most officers and warrant officers serve even longer than each of these estimates.

That means under the previous rates, conservatively, that a warrant officer will spend over a 16 year span $1,010 and an officer over a 26 year span will spend $2,347 in NGAMS/NGAUS dues. However within the same timeframe and under the new dues a warrant officer would spend $1,065 and an officer would spend $3,200.  For longer careers, these numbers only increase. That is why a life membership makes so much financial sense.

Further, the options for paying the life membership fit all budgets!

One payment of $750.00
Two payments of $375.00.
Four payments of $187.50.
Eight payments of $93.75.
Twelve payments of $62.50.
Twenty-four payments of $31.25.

And the savings for paying as a life member get even better! We will even give you credit for the amount you have already paid for your current year dues! Use the following chart to see how much you can subtract from your total before making your payment(s).

2LT 45.00
1LT 50.00
CPT 55.00
MAJ 100.00
LTC 105.00
COL 110.00
BG 165.00
MG 170.00
WO1 45.00
CW2 50.00
CW3 55.00
CW4 100.00
CW5 105.00

For example, if you are a captain that has already paid your 2020 dues then you subtract $55.00 from the $750.00 and you only have to pay $695.00. If you then want to use the two payment option then you make two payments of $347.50. It simply can’t get any easier and the savings can’t get any better.

Here is how you can do it…
Visit the life member application on this website and you can be signed up and paid in less than five minutes.
Call us at 601-354-7555
Visit us at 120 North State Street, Jackson, Mississippi 39201

Never worry about dues again! Join now!