Why you should be a Patriot Partner

The Guardsman is the living embodiment of a true citizen soldier. However, the Guardsman faces many challenges in maintaining both roles to include deployments and mobilizations, family obligations, military and civilian job requirements, and other community responsibilities. It is literally impossible for the Guardsman to do it alone.

The National Guard Association of Mississippi, a 501(c)(19) nonprofit organization, was established in 1932 to provide support for Servicemembers of the Mississippi Air and Army National Guard and their families and foster the role of the National Guard in our state and national security. Since its inception, the NGAMS has carried the torch for Guardsmen of all ranks, from newly enlisted privates to veteran officers, on the state and national level.

Once a year on the state and national level, the National Guard Association of Mississippi is able to bring together the men and women of the Mississippi National Guard, both active and retired. At these annual meetings they are able to conference on issues that affect their daily lives, meet with senior military and civilian leaders and determine what priorities must be addressed during the coming year. This is also the only time that our members may come together to do this.

The Patriot Partnership Program was formed in 2008 with a vision of further developing and sustaining long-term partnerships between individuals and corporations and the Servicemembers of the Mississippi National Guard. The program is not intended as a general fundraiser for the association. Instead, the partnership serves as a vehicle for members of the community to contribute directly to our Servicemembers and their families by offsetting the cost it takes to participate in our annual conference and address these key issues.


1. Credit Card: Our giving site is safe, secure and convenient.

2. Check: Make the check payable to “National Guard Association of Mississippi” and send it, along with the attached form, to our office. Please note “Patriot Partnership” on the memo line.
National Guard Association of Mississippi
Attn: COL Allen McDaniel
PO Box 627
Jackson, MS 39205-0627

Sponsorships are made on an annual basis and there are no restrictions on the time of year that sponsorships may be made.  The NGAMS is a 501(c)(19) nonprofit organization that allows you tax benefits for donating.  However, listed below are additional benefits depending on the giving level.


Benefits Patriot






Company name inscribed on plaque displayed at the entrance of the National Guard Association of Mississippi office X
Full page ad in print and electronic version of the Standard Magazine X
Scrolling link on all pages of the NGAMS website X
Two rooms, two nights lodging at NGAMS Annual Conference X
Premium booth space at NGAMS Conference X
Private dinner with The Adjutant General and National Guard Leadership X X
Scrolling link on front and Patriot Partner page of NGAMS website X
One room, two nights lodging at NGAMS Conference X
Half page ad in print and electronic version of the Standard magazine X
Preferred Booth Space at NGAMS Conference X
Quarter page ad in print and electronic version of the Standard magazine X
Two NGAMS Conference Registrations X X X
Sporting events paid at NGAMS Conference X X X
Listing as Patriot Partner on NGAMS Conference Advertisements X X X
Free Booth Space at State Conference X X X
Recognition at State Conference Dinner X X X
Recognition at State Conference Business Session X X X
Presentation of Patriot Partnership Plaque X X X
Annual Associate Membership X X X
Scrolling link on Patriot Partner Page of NGAMS website X X X
Company name and logo displayed on NGAMS website with direct link to your website X X X
License to use NGAMS logo on company publications X X X
NGAMS Lapel Pin X X X