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  • Sights and Sounds of Louisville, Kentucky - The 2017 NGAUS Conference is rapidly approaching.  You previously received an email outlining the agenda and attire for the conference.  However if you did not receive it or have lost the email you may find another copy on our website under “Events” then “National Conference”.  We have compiled a list of local attractions in the Louisville, Kentucky area ... Read more
  • 2017 NGAMS Conference Information - The 2017 NGAMS Conference has arrived and we are excited that you will be joining us. The events will begin Friday morning with golf and continue with other sporting events throughout the day. One change you need to be aware is that the fun run will be held at Fleet Feet Sports, 500 Hwy 51, ... Read more
  • 2017 Legislative Results - We are very pleased to announce that for the third straight year all the bills introduced to the Mississippi Legislature have passed and have either already been signed into law or are only awaiting Governor Bryant’s signature. These new laws will be in place on July 1, 2017. We thank the members of the NGAMS ... Read more
  • Apply for Life Insurance from the comfort of your home - Thanks to the talents and efforts of Lt Col Cydridge “Zeke” Gray, you may now fill out and email your application from the comfort of your laptop. Please follow the link below, fill the form and either 1- digitally sign then email to Tammy Graves at or 2- print the filled out form, manually ... Read more
  • 2017 NGAMS Conference Registration - ITS TIME AGAIN FOR THE BEST STATE ASSOCIATION CONFERENCE IN THE NATION! This email is to the POCs for the seven At Ease Gangs around the state. Please share this email with your members as we would love to have our retired officers join us at the conference. Additionally, a paper copy will follow in ... Read more